Tuesday, April 3, 2012

You Can Mess With Anyone Except the Media

Do not mess with the media.  They are evil.

Angeline Jolie learned that lesson the hard way this week.  After setting strict standards for who and what could appear to question her at the premier of “A Mighty Heart,” her new movie, the media went nuts.

She initially banned Fox News from the event - which, of course, was hyped on Fox News - and demanded that reporters limit their questions to non-relationship issues.

Even gay blogger Perez Hilton was with Fox News on this one.  The media has one thing going for them - free speech - and it’s that free speech that is a totally inviolable crime.  The media is so sensitive about losing power, it actually unites gays and Fox News.

Of course, Angelina was being stupid, but if the media would have let her get away with it, she wouldn’t have rescinded.

A similar thing happened to Rush Limbaugh in the sports world when he criticized the media for being biased toward Donovan McNabb because he’s black.  Crusty, ugly sportswriters said “No!  We’re not racist!” and absolutely buried Rush, to the point where he had to resign.

The fact that they’re willing to do it to liberals, too, is interesting.

Was Angelina out of line?  I don’t know.  She’s free to respond or not respond to whatever she wants.  She was out of line for asking for so much power over the event that entire companies would be banned.

But the real lesson here is what the media - from the gays to Fox News - will do to you - whether you’re Rush or Angelina - if you threaten the stranglehold on information they have these days.

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