Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Reasons to Bash Bush on the Immigration Bill

I was reading Rush Limbaugh’s site because I like to be fair and balanced, and I thought a caller brought up some good points in one of the transcripts.

The topic is the immigration bill, and how Sen. Dianne Feinstein is demonizing the conservatives who are against it by saying they’ve never gotten so much racist e-mail.
CALLER: I just wanted to say that we should inform Mrs. Feinstein that our current policy, our current immigration policy is already racist.  It’s very much in favor of our neighbors to the south border.  If someone comes over from China in a shipping container where half of those people die, the other half that survive get sent back to China.  If somebody comes floating over the ocean on a boat or a piece of raft of some sort –
RUSH:  Like from Sri Lanka.  Yeah.
CALLER:  — we send ‘em right back.  So we don’t do the same thing with Mexico. We don’t apply our immigration policies uniformly and we show a great deal of –
RUSH:  That’s actually a good point.
CALLER:  — racism to the Mexican people.
RUSH:  We are biased against all other people, because 60% of the illegals in this country are from Mexico.  You’re absolutely right.
This makes me really frustrated with Bush, whose “compassionate conservatism” has really turned out to be “severely polarizing moderatism.” I mean, it’s okay to polarize sometimes, but don’t do it as a moderate.

As soon as Mexicans enter the United States, Democrats will be waiting to shake their hands and say “welcome to America.  Have some welfare and health care.  Remember to vote for us, because Republicans hate you!”

And then they talk about the “great spirit” of legal immigrants in the early 20th Century.  As if that makes all immigration, in any form, a good thing.  As if the growth we saw before World War I really means we can broadstroke all immigration as self-evident good, like it’s a virtue.  Please.

Limbaugh went on to describe how the Democrats can use immigration to then expand the current welfare state, as naturally most illegal immigrants from Mexican tend to be poor, and who turns down free welfare?  Yes, this would happen.  So why is Bush on their side?

It’s a clear issue to me now, with some unclear solutions.  It’s clear that this bill isn’t the solution, which isn’t a surprise.  Really, I should have read “Kennedy-McCain” and have been done with it.

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