Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thanks For Nothing, Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani “unveiled his platform” to the public, or at least issues a large set of proposals that, if he were elected, he would carry out.

Among his stances:  lowering taxes (good), imposing accountability on Washington, and leading us to energy independence.  He also wants to set new highs for easy generalities and 9/11 references.

To win my support, you don’t need much.  You need to be Pro-life, pro-big Military, anti-high taxes and be a strong leader/communicator.  What I mean by “strong” is that you stand out from the pack.  And the only Republican I see doing that, besides Ron Paul just because he’s crazy, is Mitt Romney.

So these things sound good, and I actually think Rudy might deliver on some issues if he were President.  He’s strong on terrorism, as well.  Just be Pro-life, Rudy.  You can do it.

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